The Reverie Collection By PaintTheMoon[Full Collection]

Includes 94 Photoshop Actions and 52 Overlays

Photoshop actions to create lush looks – rich, jewel toned color pops to soft, dreamy effects. Easily add artistic light and pretty skies. All-in-one workflows, Outdoor and Beach mega actions, color toning, bokeh and portrait enhancers.

How To Install Action In Photoshop? Watch This:

From rich and dramatic jewel-toned color pop, to soft and dreamy, the Reverie Collection Photoshop Actions will bring your vision to life. Designed with outdoor photography and location images in mind, Reverie easily solves common challenges from lighting issues to color casts, enhances backgrounds and subjects, offers perfect finishes, and more — all within a completely customizable, streamlined workflow.

Get spectacular effects for creating beautiful tones, lush color, and unique finishing touches. Reverie is perfect for effortlessly editing portrait, wedding or landscape photos. These innovative tools are perfect for all types of locations – the country, the city, the woods, the beach, the mountains and anything in between – even studio photographers love Reverie!




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